CAIR Harassing 9/11 Museum for Not Providing Arabic Booklets

"Sept. 11 memorial insults Arabic speakers by excluding Arabic."


This just never ends. Does it. You would think that killing 3,000 people would be enough. Must unindicted terrorist co-conspirator groups like CAIR continue this contrast harassment of the place that commemorates their brutal murders?

The latest whinefare is a CAIR tweet of an editorial claiming that "Sept. 11 memorial insults Arabic speakers by excluding Arabic from brochure translations".

Also the memorial excludes Hebrew, Polish, Korean, Swahili and 90 percent of the languages on earth because it can only accommodate a handful of major languages.

Muslim entitlement really knows no limits. It's like a German tourist visiting a Holocaust museum and complaining that there isn't enough German language material. Or a Japanese tourist complaining about a lack of Katakana at Pearl Harbor.

And this entitled Muslim whining has been going on for a while.

The memorial said, “Nine languages are spoken by over 97 percent of our visitors: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Mandarin, Italian, Japanese and Russian.”

The 9/11 Memorial provides booklets for 9 non-English languages that are commonly spoken by locals or tourists. They include Spanish (1.8 million New Yorkers), Chinese (418,000 New Yorkers) and Russian (186,000 New Yorkers).

Also on the list are languages spoken by some of the most common tourist visitors such as Portuguese (Brazil 806,000), French (France 667,000) and German (Germany 605,000).

Eventually the number of languages may be expanded.

This isn't a conspiracy against Muslims. The Metropolitan Museum of Art provides an audio tour in nine languages. They're mostly the same ones and Arabic isn't on the list. The Frick has an audio tour in six languages, again most of the same ones.

Museums know who their likely visitors are and their non-English materials usually accommodate European and Asian tourists.

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