Palestinian Authority to Funnel Payments to Terrorists Through PLO

"This would be a change of name and nothing more"


Obama said that Palestinian Authority and PLO leader Abbas is Israel's real peace partner. And he just proved it through his unity agreement with Hamas... which Obama will go on funding.

If you don't like something Abbas is doing. He's prepared to be accommodating. If you don't like his payments to terrorists through the Palestinian Authority, he'll just funnel them through the PLO.

The Palestinian Authority has been under pressure from international donors following Palestinian Media Watch's exposure of the PA's policy of rewarding terrorists with salaries. These salaries amounted to a total of $103 million in 2013 and will reach at least $130 million in 2014. Members of US Congress have recently suggested deducting the amount paid in salaries from US funding to the PA.

During the testimony by Assistant Secretary of State, Ambassador Anne W. Patterson at a congressional Subcommittee Hearing, Congressman Weber asked:

"If the PA is paying for terrorists in prison, we ought to also be willing to hit them with some economic sanctions of that sort?"

Assistant Secretary Patterson answered:

"Frankly, I know that they're going to try and phase that out and we should give them an opportunity to do so."

And by phase them out, Anne Patterson, who was driven out of Egypt over her intimidation of Christians and support for the Muslim Brotherhood, meant that the PA/PLO would play out a shell game.

In order to avoid this international pressure, the PA is planning a ploy to maintain the salaries but transfer responsibility for payments from the PA to the PLO. PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is also the head of the PLO and he will continue to be directly responsible for the payments to the prisoners.

So Abbas will no longer fund terrorists as head of the PA, but as head of the PLO, which also runs the PA. And it's not like the PA is being at all subtle about what it's doing.

PA daily Al-Ayyam: "This would be a change of name and nothing more... the new situation would make possible the provision of new resources to support prisoners' issues, without allowing forces of the US Congress or some European parliaments to attempt to blackmail the PA or to take steps against it.'"

PA Deputy Minister of Prisoners' Affairs Ziyad Abu Ein: "This would also avoid the pressure being exerted on the PA by the donor countries, which oppose the transfer of their money to prisoners."

And if Western leaders fall for it, which they probably will, then it's another deception accomplished.