New York City Council Speaker Dedicates Puerto Rican Parade to Terrorist

"This terrorist, like all terrorists, should rot in jail forever."


Democratic Party City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito owns homes and land in Puerto Rico worth $1.5 million. She has made a point of refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance because she obviously does not consider herself an American.

But she is determined to stay on and run New York City into the ground in collaboration with the radical left while celebrating Puerto Rican separatist terrorism.

As the city prepares to host the 57th annual Puerto Rican Day Parade, City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito appeared at an event today in support of one of the parade's more controversial honorees: Oscar Lopez Rivera.

At the event in East Harlem, Mark-Viverito hailed the dedication as a testament to the parade's new board of directors.

"The Puerto Rican community has had the ability to reclaim our parade," Mark-Viverito said.

If they want to reclaim the parade, genuinely, they should do it by moving back home. Instead they want to live in New York and support separatists.

Sorry that doesn't work. You can either be separatists or live in New York. You can't do both.

This year, the parade's new board named her grand marshal.

What a fortunate coincidence.

Actual New Yorkers are not at all happy with the terrorist regime of Bill de Blasio and Melissa Mark-Viverito. Including the son of one of the victims of their favorite terrorists.

Joe Connor  said it was “disgraceful” that Mark-Viverito supported a parole bid for FALN leader Oscar Lopez Rivera.

“I would like to ask her how she could possibly expect to have the second-most important position in our city, while advocating for a terrorist whose group attacked and murdered New Yorkers,”

Connor said. Connor’s dad, Frank, was among four people killed in the 1975 lunchtime bombing by the Puerto Rican separatist group.

And there are some decent men and women left in the City Council among Bill de Blasio's pro-terrorist radicals.

Queens Republican Dan Halloran went ballistic. He said his "jaw hit the ground" when he read the note.

"I couldn't believe that somebody could seriously say that FALN was a non-violent organization," he said, noting its ties to a series of bombings in New York and Chicago.

"This terrorist, like all terrorists, should rot in jail forever," he wrote. "It is only a shame the death penalty was not imposed to prevent him from becoming a threat in the future."

He added: "I guess the 9-11 bombers could make the same argument. They were merely responding to the 'evils' of the U.S. Will you be asking for them to be pardoned too?"

Mark-Viverito denounced Halloran's email. "He should not be judging me personally for a position that I believe strongly in."

And here's a bit more about Oscar Lopez Rivera, Mark-Viverito's terrorist sweetheart.

OSCAR LOPEZ HAD FIRST MET Carlos Torres in Chicago in 1972, and before long the two had forged a bond that led them to become leaders of the fledgling Puerto Rican terrorist group, the FALN. The first bombings began in 1974, and the group's most noted early action was the bombing of the historic Fraunces Tavern in lower Manhattan in January of 1975. The lunchtime bombing killed four diners and injured 60.

The bombings continued at a furious pace including targets in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Newark and Miami. Attacks were sometimes co-ordinated with the Macheteros, with that group setting off bombs at various locations in Puerto Rico.

In 1977, a warrant was issued for Oscar Lopez on charges of dealing with and the possession and storage of explosives. That same year, both Torres and Lopez were indicted in Chicago for the receiving of 200 sticks of dynamite from Colorado and concealing them at their Chicago apartment.

And it's not just Lopez, Melissa Mark-Viverito's radical left-wing hatred for America knows no boundaries.

A controversial Puerto Rican songwriter was honored at a Gracie Mansion reception last night, where he hobnobbed with the mayor and speaker of the City Council.

Residente, a fiery songwriter and activist who sang in Spanish that “the FBI is in trouble, they are screwed, the White House’s fucked,” was invited to a Puerto Rican heritage reception and will be a “king” at the Puerto Rican Day Parade on Sunday, according to a BuzzFeed report.

“When any individual has an added responsibility and visibility, whether you are a politician or whether you are a group, we have an added responsibility to raise our voice,” Ms. Mark-Viverito said. “That is what Calle 13 does.”

“To the federales, I throw stones,” the Calle 13 song, released in 2005, goes, according to English translations. “To all the federales, I spit with diarrhea. I feel nausea, I feel disgusted.”

Join the club.