Abbas: Hamas Assurances are Only to Trick the Americans

Nothing has changed since Arafat's time.

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Nothing has changed since Arafat's time. It's still the same old game.

Al-Ghussein, who was Hamas government spokesman until the advent of the new unity government with Fatah, posted these words about Abbas's duplicity on his Facebook page.

"You know what Mahmoud Abbas says behind closed doors?? He says: 'Guys, let me [continue] saying what I say to the media. Those words are meant for the Americans and the occupation (i.e., Israel), not for you [Hamas]. What's important is what we agree on among ourselves. In other words, when I go out [publicly] and say that the government is my [Abbas] government and it recognizes 'Israel' and so on, fine - these words are meant to trick the Americans. But we agree that the government has nothing to do with politics (i.e., foreign relations). The same thing happened in 2006,' he [Abbas] said: 'Don't harp on everything I tell the media, forget about the statements in the media.'

Palestinian Media Watch has been at it for a while, but the media chooses not to listen. It reruns the same lies. The State Department vomits up talking points about the new "Technocratic" government and the US aid to terrorists keeps flowing.