State Department: No Need to Worry About Taliban Commanders Returning to Battlefield

Why for that matter risk so many lives going after Osama bin Laden?


It's odd how incompetent the press people in Obama Inc. are. As bad as Jay Carney is, Psaki and Harf are even bigger jokes. Their sessions are strictly amateur hour.

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf downplayed the risk that the five Guantanamo Bay detainees exchanged for Sergeant Bergdahl might pose should they return to the battlefield.

“Let’s say the worst case scenario, these five guys do return, in no way would that substantially change the Taliban’s order of battle on the ground, that’s just not even logical.” Harf was explaining Secretary Kerry’s recent statement that concerns over the five detainees are “baloney.”

Sure. It's not logical that having top commanders return to the field in a profession where experience is valuable because many doesn't survive long enough to pass it on.

Never mind that the US recently argued that these men were too dangerous to set free.

Never mind that quite a few freed Gitmoites have already ended up running operations around the world. It won't "substantially change anything".

That's a vague enough metric that it could mean anything.

But if a few top people here and there don't change anything, why bother with the entire drone program? Why spend millions to kill the occasional commander?

Why for that matter risk so many lives going after Osama bin Laden?

Either taking out terrorist leaders is a priority or it doesn't matter. Harf is now belatedly arguing that the entire drone program is a waste of time.