Politician Who Smuggled Guns to Druglords Thinks Americans Need to do "Soul Searching" Over Guns

Obama only orders people who aren't doing what he wants to search their souls.


Americans obviously need to do some soul searching about guns in the hands of dangerous people since they voted twice for a man who smuggled guns to drug cartels.

But Obama, who keeps telling other people to do some soul searching, but never searches his own, told Americans that once again the order has come down from D.C. for a soul searching mandate.

Barack Obama Tuesday called for national "soul searching" over gun violence, warning that mass shootings were "off the charts" in a way no other advanced country would tolerate.

I wonder why those shootings are "off the charts". Maybe it's because his media backers give tons of publicity to each shooter, encouraging the next one.

As I've written, the media doesn't cover teenage suicides because it leads to copycat suicides. The exception is when the teenager uses a gun to commit murder-suicide.

 "We are the only developed country on earth where this happens, and it happens now once a week," Obama said at the White House, hours after a gunman shot and killed a student at an Oregon High School in the latest incident.

"There is no place else like this!" he said, adding that America should be ashamed it could not enact even the mildest gun reforms.

"The country has to do some soul searching about this."

Can Obama do some soul searching about his clemency for career drug dealers or his support for flooding the country with criminal illegal aliens?

Both of those are factors in real day-to-day shootings, not the occasional spree killer hyped by the media.

How about doing some soul searching over the role his buddy Al Sharpton has played in urban violence? How about asking his pals and donors in the music industry to stop promoting gang violence in music?

Oh but Obama doesn't do soul searching. He only orders people who aren't doing what he wants to search their souls.