As Al Qaeda Takes Over Iraq, Kerry Poses with Celebrities

If Al Qaeda were dumping garbage in the ocean, John Kerry might pay attention.

john kerry

As Al Qaeda overruns Iraq, the man who was almost president is keeping a sharp focus on what really matters. The ocean? Which ocean. Don't ask me.

Also celebrity appearances.

It’s an honor. This issue is very important: RT @JohnKerry: Look fwd to having @LeoDiCaprio at #OurOcean2014.

— Leonardo DiCaprio (@LeoDiCaprio) June 14, 2014

And not to be left out, here's Kerry with Angelina Jolie

You might think that Iraq should be a priority, but no the priority is the "Ocean". Our Ocean, complete with a creepy logo that looks like it came from a totalitarian future, is a project of the same State Department that is too bored to actually do its job.

Which of the oceans is it? Don't ask Kerry. The site quotes Obama and eco-fraud Rachel Carson who killed more people than Stalin. Assorted idiots are encouraged to..."ask whether my seafood has been caught in a sustainable manner" and "not eat shark fin soup."

Meanwhile Al Qaeda seized the city of Tal Afar as it continues its strategy of surrounding Baghdad. If only Al Qaeda were dumping garbage in the ocean, then John Kerry might pay attention.