Why Hillary's Book Isn't Selling Well and Why It's Good News for Her

They don't know and they don't care. It's the new political process.

Hillary Clinton Speaks At UN International Women's Day Event

The reports are that Hillary's ghostwritten excuse pamphlet "Hard Choices" isn't selling well. Despite some reports, I'm sure that Hard Choices will sell far more than 150,000 copies, but it won't do nearly well enough and Team Hillary will likely have to covertly find a way to inflate sales numbers by buying copies. Maybe some of the people she left back at the State Department will buy up copies and give them away abroad the way that they did for Obama's books.

But why are the sales so weak?

Hillary already had a book out in 2004. That was the one people were interested in because they expected her to deal with her husband's affairs.

Bill Clinton hasn't been involved in a public sex scandal in a while. Hillary Clinton releasing a bland ghostwritten account about her time as Secretary of State is of very little interest to anyone except Washington insiders (where the book is selling very well) and Republicans.

And it doesn't help that Hillary Clinton has borrowed the same format for Hard Choices used by many secretaries of state, one of whom even used that title, not to mention countless politicians, including Richard Nixon. Most recently Bush used the same template for his own book.

It's basically cut and paste political writing. "Here is how I dealt with Challenge X". At least, unlike Hillary, Nixon did his own writing. And unlike Obama, whoever Hillary is using to write for her, lacks any ability to make the subject come alive.

Much like Hillary.

Her attempts at Obamaizing her image have failed miserably and the book rollout has been embarrassing.

In a way this is good news for her. None of her supporters can name anything she did as Secretary of State. That's one reason they're not buying her book.

They don't know and they don't care. It's the new political process.

No one cared what Obama did before he ran for president. He was "inspirational". Now it's Hillary's turn to be inspirational. She's not very good at it, but the media will do much of the heavy lifting for her.

Hard Choices is not going to be important, but neither was Living History. Hillary Clinton is an unimportant figure and a compulsive liar, but not in a particularly interesting sort of way. She's every mid-level liberal bureaucrat, lawyer and politician in one. If you've ever dealt with the government, you already met her a dozen times over.