John Kerry Discusses Whether Iraq is Aware of Global Warming

"How is it you have time to chat with Iraq in flames"

john kerry

While Al Qaeda has been taking over Iraq, Obama and Kerry have kept a laser focus on oceans. Obama ordered the Department of Defense to fight mislabeled seafood and Kerry kept tweeting about Leonardo DeCaprio and the oceans.

Then he opened up for questions on Twitter and the ones he got, he didn't like much.

.@TheScienceGuy also, explain exactly HOW "climate change" is supposed to by an important nat. security issue? @JohnKerry #tcot #OceanChat

— Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV) June 17, 2014

Yes, I'm sure Global Warming is as big a priority for Iraq, in the middle of a civil war with Al Qaeda, as it is for Obama Inc, which is forcing the military to do Green Energy instead of protecting the nation.