Rupert Murdoch: Without Illegal Alien Amnesty, Google Will Move to Poland

Just imagine Starbucks relocating to Estonia or Yahoo in Slovakia.

This could move to Latvia tomorrow This could move to Latvia tomorrow

Come on guys, we need illegal alien amnesty. Without 12 million illegal aliens from Mexico, major US corporations will move to Poland. Or maybe Ukraine.

Or possibly even Latvia.

Just imagine Starbucks relocating to Estonia or Yahoo in Slovakia. Sure we'll have to pay for it, not the corporations. Homeowners will see high property taxes to cover a whole lot more education for a whole lot of non-taxpayers and then the companies will move to Estonia... because of the high taxes.

And Murdoch and the Wall Street Journal will tell us it's our fault because we took so long to pass amnesty that the 12 million illegals no longer wanted to commit to the Republican Party's vision of no welfare state.

When I learned that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor had lost his Republican primary, my heart sank. Not simply because I think he is an intelligent and talented member of Congress, or because I worry about the future of the Republican Party.

Like others who want comprehensive immigration reform, I worried that Mr. Cantor's loss would be misconstrued and make Congress reluctant to tackle this urgent need.

Nah. The GOP knows who butters its English muffins.

I chose to come to America and become a citizen because America was—and remains—the most free and entrepreneurial nation in the world.

And Murdoch came here illegally and spent zero time on welfare. His kids will probably not end up as public charge either.

And Mr. Murdoch also speaks English.

Is the idea of immigration reform complicated by the fact that some immigrants went outside the legal system to be here?

Much like the trial of the bank robbers was "complicated" by their extralegal means of acquiring money from a bank.

Yes. It is complicated even more by the fear some Americans have, quite naturally, of how changing populations might also change our culture, communities and economic circumstances. Well, of course immigration means change. Immigrants enrich our culture and add to our economic prosperity.

That will show them. Worried about becoming a minority? Shut up and have some cultural enrichment...  says the man living on four floors of a Manhattan skyscraper.

Do Americans really wish Google, eBay, EBAY,  Pfizer  or Home Depot  were headquartered in Eastern Europe or China instead of America?

Has Rupert Murdoch noticed how many companies have been fleeing culturally enriched California? It seems as if companies are not fond of big taxes and lots of regulations... which is what a changing culture means.

But sure.

If we don't legalize 12 million illegals, Google will flee to Estonia. So why hasn't it done it already? (Google already left China)

Google isn't running on cheap labor. It runs on smart labor. Which is not illegal aliens labor.

How many illegal aliens work at NewsCorp? How many would Rupert Murdoch hire to run a company?

I don't believe that people come to America to sit on their hands. The vast majority of America's immigrants are hardworking, family-minded individuals with strong values.

That explains the...

1. Welfare rates

2. Single motherhood rates

3. Crime rates

4. California

They are drawn here from many different places by a common belief that this is still the land of opportunity for those willing to work hard.

That's Singapore. America is the land of opportunity for immigrants gaming the system. Though less so than Europe.

We need to give those individuals who are already here—after they have passed checks to ensure they are not dangerous criminals—a path to citizenship so they can pay their full taxes, be counted, and become more productive members of our community.

That's what America needs. More productive welfare recipients collecting earned income credits.

Next, we need to do away with the cap on H-1B visas, which is arbitrary and results in U.S. companies struggling to find the high-skill workers they need to continue growing. We already know that most of the applications for these visas are for computer programmers and engineers, where there is a shortage of qualified American candidates.

There is no shortage of qualified American candidates. If there were, the Dot Com boom wouldn't have happened here.

But we are held back by the objections of the richly funded labor unions...

Few H-1B jobs are union jobs.

If we are serious about advancing our economic future and about creating job growth here in America, then we must realize that it is suicidal to suggest closing our doors to the world's entrepreneurs, or worse, to continue with large-scale deportations.

Cheap labor are not entrepreneurs. They're cheap labor. The people hiring them usually aren't entrepreneurs either.

Some politicians and pundits will argue that this is not the time to bring immigration reform to the congressional floor—that it will frighten an already anxious workforce and encourage more extreme candidates, especially on the right. They may be right about the short-term politics, but they are dead wrong about the long-term interests of our country.

The interests of our country are to turn it into California.

That is why I was pleased to see Sen. Rand Paul and Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, step up their efforts to lobby for immigration reform.

Shh Rand Paul keeps claiming he doesn't support amnesty. Then he goes out and supports amnesty.