Man Asks Hillary to Autograph Copy of her Book for "Christopher Stevens"

“What difference does it make?”

Hillary's book attempts to excuse her failures that led to Benghazi while rewriting history about the coverup of a terrorist attack. Clinton attempts to use the dead to promote her political campaign even while lying about why they were killed and the failures that led to the lack of security.

And then someone called her on it to her face.

Jason Mattera caught up with Hillary Clinton at one of the DC stops on her book tour this week, and asked the former Secretary of State if she would mind signing a copy of Hard Choices… but with a twist. “If you could make it out to Christopher Stevens,” Mattera queried. “I think you knew him.”

Hillary, surprised by the request, replied, “Yeah, I’m not gonna make it out to Chris Stevens.” Mattera followed-up with, “What difference does it make?” a reference to Clinton’s infamous 2013 Senate testimony before the Foreign Relations Committee.

Mattera, the publisher of Daily Surge, also noted during their exchange that Hillary’s security detail appears to be larger than what Ambassador Stevens was provided in Benghazi. Clinton’s entourage filled up a town car, two SUVs, and consisted of security personnel from the building she had just exited.

Hillary always had the best security. I recall being in the area back when she was running for Senate and seeing angry men in suits scowling in every direction as if they expected that the crowd of New Yorkers would suddenly whip out their guns and charge.

Unfortunately her underlings in Benghazi didn't get a fraction of that same level of protection.

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