The Last Time We Had Illegal Alien Amnesty, the World Trade Center Got Bombed

First Mahmud applied for political asylum in Germany. Then he came to America and filed for amnesty.


Mahmud Abouhalima was just a DREAMER. He dreamed of blowing the World Trade Center. And he got a surprisingly long way to fulfilling his wish thanks to a little fairy named Amnesty.

First Mahmud applied for political asylum in Germany, but they said Nein. Then he came to America and filed for amnesty as an agricultural worker. (Remember all those complaints about how Americans just won't pick lettuce? Terrorists won't either, but they will file for amnesty that way while driving a cab and raising money for terrorists.)

How did that amnesty program work?

"The amnesty program was a joke," says Duke Austin, a spokesman at the Immigration and Naturalization Service. "Since documentation wasn't required, the burden was on the government to prove the aliens were not farmers. Fraud was widespread and enforcement virtually impossible."

Yeah that's an official spokesman for the INS announcing that amnesty sucked. But let's do it again.

Mahmud wasn't a particularly good driver, but no one cared.

His license was suspended 10 times for failing to respond to summonses for traffic violations. He regularly passed through red lights, drove without a license and neglected to have his car registered and inspected. Once, he was even found guilty of driving with broken meter seals, a telltale sign of an attempt to rip off customers.

Also he went out of his way to do the Death to America thing.

His taxi was filled with Korans and Arabic books that Abouhalima would read at traffic lights, ignoring what was happening on the streets. Cassette tapes blared Arabic sermons. When Abouhalima spoke with Hockenberry, the cabdriver mentioned that America would lose the war against Islam.

Then he went off to do Jihad in Afghanistan, which wasn't exactly agriculture, but again, no one cared.

And no one will care this time either when we amnesty future terrorists.

The original World Trade Center bombing gang was full of amnestyists.

Mohammed Salameh's amnesty application was rejected. But because the government did not deport failed amnesty applicants, he continued to live and work in the United States.

Ramzi Yousef arrived at JFK airport in September of 1992 and applied for asylum and was paroled into the United States while his claim was adjudicated.

A number of the others overstayed student visas like some of the 9/11 hijackers who would finish what they had started.