Polish Foreign Minister: Alliance w/US Worthless

Remember how Obama was going to fix our "breakdown" in relations with other countries

Hillary+Clinton+Radoslaw+Sikorski+Clinton+HWVgdW4Rs9el Reset button anyone?

Remember how Obama was going to fix our "breakdown" in relations with other countries. By other countries he meant the Taliban and the Muslim brotherhood.

It's not entirely worthless. Sometimes Joe Biden stops by for a photo op. Just don't count on missile defense or any kind of defense.

According to a transcript of excerpts of the conversation that was published by Wprost on its Internet site, Sikorski told Rostowski: "You know that the Polish-U.S. alliance isn't worth anything."

"It is downright harmful because it creates a false sense of security ... Complete bullshit. We'll get in conflict with the Germans, Russians and we'll think that everything is super because we gave the Americans a blow job. Losers. Complete losers."

According to the transcript, Sikorski described Warsaw's attitude towards the United States using the Polish word "murzynskosc."

That derives from the word "murzyn," which denotes a dark-skinned person and someone who does the work for somebody else, according to the PWN Polish language dictionary.

Putin is certainly having fun. So is Obama. But for rather different reasons. Meanwhile countries in the region have a choice between the Russian yoke or a photo op with Joe Biden.