UK Gov Muslim in Charge of Fighting Radicalization a Big Fan of Syrian Jihad

Now someone has to get a job deradicalizing him

Farooq Siddique defended British jihadis fighting in Syria

Farooq Siddique was all about fighting radicalization. He was the South West manager for the Government’s Prevent strategy of fighting radicalization. (via Religion of Peace)

But then it turns out, someone has to get a job deradicalizing him because he's all radicalized and if his deradicalizer also gets radicalized, you can see the problem...

A former senior government adviser on tackling radicalisation and extremism has defended the right of British Muslims to travel to Syria and fight.

As part of a Facebook conversation Siddiqui, 45, defended the right of an individual to be called a martyr if he took up arms against Assad, and questioned whether those who fought against the Syrian president should face arrest upon return to the UK.

Siddiqui, who ran Prevent in the south-west until 2012, pointed out that Britons were free to join the Israeli Defence Force and return to the UK without censure, while those taking up arms against what they viewed as a tyrannical dictator, Assad, faced arrest.

The key difference is that the IDF's ex-soldiers don't tend to come back and blow up things. People are free to dislike Israel, but its soldiers aren't going to come back and plant bombs on buses. The same can't be said for Jihadis in a terrorist group.

Referring to an individual prepared to travel and stand up for his beliefs, Siddiqui adds: "I'd rather take his word for it because he walked the walk and isn't sat behind a keyboard like me."

The UK was entrusting him with the task of "fighting radicalization", which was like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.

How many British kids who converted to Islam did he talk into going Jihading? Will we ever find out?