After Murder of 3 Boys, Obama Urges Israel Not to "Destabilize" Situation

If Obama had a single decent bone in his body, he would have ended funding for Hamas.


If Obama had a single decent bone in his body, he would have responded to the brutal murder of three teens, one of them an American, by ending his policy of funding the PLO-Hamas unity government.

But no such luck...

If Tel Aviv were nuked tomorrow, Obama and the State Department would put out a statement with some fake commiseration followed by a warning not to destabilize the situation and to show restraint.

That's just how terrorist sympathizers roll.

First Samantha Power tweeted a statement from Obama, which after the obligatory, "Man that sucks, as a father I really understand how much it hurts to have your kids killed by the terrorists I've been funding and conducting backchannel negotiations with"... he gets to the real point.

"I also urge all parties to refrain from steps that could further destabilize the situation."

Jen Psaki at the State Department followed that up by urging more "restraint". Since ordering Israel to show restraint had worked so well so far, she recommended more of the same.

The United States Department of State called for “restraint” following the discovery of the bodies of three Israeli teens kidnapped on their way home from school on June 12th.

Asked shortly after the news was announced if the U.S. message remained one of calling for restraint, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters: “It certainly does,” Reuters reported.

When has the message ever been otherwise? Stop defending yourselves and let the terrorists win.