State Dept Says PLO/Hamas Making "Every Effort" to Fight Terrorism

I also believe that the mafia is making every effort to fight crime.


I believe that. I also believe that the mafia is making every effort to fight crime.

If the Hamas terrorists who murdered three Israeli teens are caught, they will receive lifetime salaries from the Palestinian Authority as part of the $130 million that it pays to terrorists, some of whom carried out terrorist acts for that money.

According to Jen Psaki, the State Department spokeswoman, the PLO and Hamas, two terrorist organizations that support terrorism and engage in it and whose terror arms are on the State Department's own list of Foreign Terrorist organizations, are making every effort to fight terrorism.

AP reporter Matt Lee pressed State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki about the recently confirmed deaths of three kidnapped Israeli teenagers, but Psaki declined to predict how the matter might weigh into the United States’ relationship with Palestine.

The answer is it won't. Obama doesn't care. Until Hamas shoots Trayvon Martin, Obama will go on not caring.

“Do you think right now that they are abiding by the requirements?” Lee asked.

“Well,” Psaki answered, “I think the Palestinian Authority and President Abbas and the technocratic government that doesn’t involve members of Hamas — yes, they are making every effort to.”

The "technocratic" government, one of the more dishonest talking points from a thoroughly dishonest administration, is a Hamas/PLO unity government.

Its members were approved of by Hamas.

Hamas carries out terrorist attacks. The PLO pays salaries to its terrorists.

According to Jen Psaki and the rest of Obama Inc. this counts as "making every effort to fight terrorism". Just like Jen Psaki makes every effort to tell the truth.

Congress is now pushing to cut foreign aid to the PA/PLO/Hamas regime based on the amount of money it pays to convicted terrorists.

Look for Obama to veto, disregard or bypass any such effort.