Liberals vs. Leftists

The liberal is dead. The leftist rules.


Jonah Goldberg has some things to say about the extinction of the Great American Liberal.

We talk a lot about fusionism on the right, but the real fusion has been on the left. Barack Obama’s intellectual lineage comes directly from the 1960s left (Ayers, Wright, Allinsky, Derrick Bell, SANE Freeze etc). But he is an altogether mainstream liberal today. To the extent mainstream liberals complain about Obama it is almost entirely about tactics and competence. When was the last time you heard a really serious ideological complaint about Obama from, say, EJ Dionne or the editorial board of the New York Times? I’ll go further. When was the last time you heard liberals have a really good, public, ideological fight about anything?

Liberals still exist, a few of them write to me now and again, but for all intents and purposes, they have become the "moderate Muslims", you hear about them a lot, but when you listen to the voices, the only thing out there you hear is the left.

And the moderates remain in completely denial that they are owned by the radical left.

There are a handful of liberals who have cred and speak out, but these days they're more likely to appear on FOX News.

What we used to identify as the liberal  camp is now the left. And beyond it is the far left.

So you have Hillary on the left and Elizabeth Warren on the far left.

The difference between the two now lies mainly in the level of invective and how immediate their proposals are. The left is still working through the system. The radical left wants revolution now.

The radical left is more likely to know theory and it compulsively attacks the left. But there's not that much of a practical difference because the rate of change increased dramatically due to the internet and the Obama years. Far left gimmicks are being mainstreamed at a rapid pace. This forces the far left to look for even more radical gimmicks which are then also mainstreamed.

That's why we're suddenly discussing tranny rights.

There's no end to this sort of thing and moderation has long since gone out the window. The liberal is dead. The leftist rules.