Obama's EPA Plotting to End 4th of July Fireworks

The left hates this nation, its freedom and its history.


The EPA is starting to act like a James Bond villain. From raiding a guitar maker to trying to save the world from carbon to demanding control over all the water in the country, its antics are as ridiculous as they are creepy.

And now the Fourth of July, the very celebration of freedom, is being endangered by the EPA, the enemy of freedom.

While Americans get ready for the thousands of fireworks shows that will be occurring across the country this weekend, Republicans are warning that pending federal water regulations could ruin fireworks displays next year.

“If the proposed ‘waters of the United States’ rule becomes final and serves as the eventual basis for future citizen suits against those who organize fireworks shows, we fear fewer homeowners, communities, or local organizations will be able to conduct fireworks displays as they have for decades or longer,” wrote Republican Senators, including David Vitter of Louisiana and John Barrasso of Wyoming, in a letter to the EPA.

This isn't just a theory. It's already been taking place.

Environmentalists have already been using litigation to stop fireworks shows from happening near or over federally protected waters. In Lake Tahoe, California environmentalists sued the city, alleging their fireworks show violated the Clean Water Act.

Environmentalists said the fireworks show would result in the unpermitted discharge of pollutants into the lake. The lawsuit demanded that Lake Tahoe pay $37,500 per day in penalties for each violation of the Clean Water Act. Lake Tahoe officials nearly cancelled the show, but luckily for residents the city settled with environmentalists in April.

Like the race-baiters, the environmentalists sue and profit. This isn't about the environment. It's Green Banditry.

“Commemorative fireworks displays have been a part of our nation’s history since its founding. However, there are individuals and groups who would like to significantly limit this tradition through heavy-handed citizen suit litigation under the Clean Water Act and other laws,” Republicans added.

The environmentalists are part of the left and the left hates this nation, its freedom and its history.

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