UK Version of Ann Coulter Trolls Muslims With Ramadan Cake

"If I object to this homophobia, it's called Islamophobia"

Katie Hopkins calls Ann Coulter her US sister and it's not a very good description, but it's probably as good of a description as any for non-UKers. Or imagine if Ann Coulter had gotten famous being hated on reality TV and gone to work writing Peyser-style columns for the New York Post and you get some idea of who she is.

And now UK Muslims are once again outraged because she successfully trolled them on Twitter. The Daily Record accused her of a "crusade against Ramadan".

The Mirror, Piers Morgan's old gig, accused her of "offending the entire Islamic community."

@KTHopkins What have you done to upset such peaceful people into such violent and hateful statements during their month of saintliness???!!?

— Atma Singh (@PoliticoVoice) June 30, 2014