VA Switched to Processing ObamaCare Applications

Obama's ideological priorities always come first.


It's all about priorities and the VA had the same priorities as the rest of Obama Inc. Green Energy, gay rights and ObamaCare. Especially ObamaCare, because it was Obama's political oxygen.

It had to take priority.

In another indicator of how low a priority veterans have with this administration, a whistleblower in Atlanta has revealed that VA employees were switched from processing VA applications to those of the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare.

He later appeared on the Neil Cavuto show and claimed that 17,000 applications for VA Healthcare were destroyed.  He also said  they’re “also looking into a backlog of over 600,000 pending applications for VA Healthcare.”  Davis said the applications were purged as a way to deal with pressure from Washington D.C.

Cavuto:  How is that performance measured?

Davis: That performance is measured based on our ability to turn around an application from beginning to end within a five-day turn around. There’s an acceptable percentage that we have to have, which is in excess of 80% for all applications that comes into that office. What you find is that there’s extensive pressure on the staff to process applications, to focus our attention to applications based on specific campaigns.

For example, I shared with your producer that we actually put incoming applications aside so we could focus on the ACA related applications that came in over last summer. That’s wrong. We should treat each veteran equally and focus on applications, as they come in, not because of special campaigns coming out of D.C.

Unfortunately Obama Inc. doesn't care about veterans, it cares about its ideological priorities and those always come first.