The Only Job Ex-Journalist Jay Carney Can Get is at MSNBC

Carney believed in Obama so much that he took a pay cut to lie for him.


Jay Carney used to be the Washington Bureau Chief for Newsweek. He worked for Time reporting on Moscow. And if these reports are correct, then after spending years flacking for Obama, the only gig this former "journalists" could get was at MSNBC.

How pathetic and predictable.

Sources inside MSNBC say former White House Spokesman Jay Carney, who recently resigned from his post at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, will likely be headed to MSNBC.

Carney is in talks for a contributor position.

If it happens, Carney would follow in the natural footsteps of a few other aides to President Obama who were welcomed into the MSNBC family upon leaving their jobs. The last White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, became an MSNBC contributor in May, 2013, while David Axelrod, a top aide to Obama, became one in February 2013.

Except those people weren't career journalists. Carney was.

Now the only gig he can get is spewing hate at Republicans on MSNBC. And that's really sad since Carney believed in Obama so much that he took a pay cut to lie for him.

Now he can't get a serious job in journalism.

Carney recently admitted that, "I’m not going to go back to being a journalist full-time... I’m not going to disappear from view."

Then he whined about how shallow the press was.