Murrieta: Pro-Amnesty Protesters Burn US Flags, 5 Arrested

How the left celebrates the Fourth of July


The media is heavily filtering and slanting the news about the anti-amnesty protests in Murrieta. The pro-illegal alien protesters always get the final word and the stories emphasize that opponents of illegal immigration are "bringing shame" on the town.

The real story is different.

The protests against Obama's dumping of illegal aliens have worked insofar as no more buses have come. However large amounts of pro-amnesty protesters arrived, many of them associated with radical groups.

The media is careful to interview local opponents of "xenophobia" rather than the La Raza types. And it's obvious why. The La Raza types have been doing the sort of things you expect.

An American flag has reportedly been burned by pro-amnesty protesters near the Murrieta Border Patrol station on America’s Independence Day. Breitbart News obtained the above photograph, which shows a burnt flag on the ground, from an anti-illegal immigration activist who was monitoring the pro-amnesty demonstration.

5 arrests were also made.

Four people remained jailed Saturday for allegedly trying to prevent Murrieta police from arresting a person near the Fourth of July immigration standoff at the Murrieta Border Patrol Station.

Police said a protester jumped on the back of a Murrieta police officer who was trying to arrest someone linked to a reported assault, some distance away from the main protest at the Border Patrol station.

Janet Mathieson, 22, of Claremont was being questioned by police about the reported assault, and the officer was going to arrest her for obstructing the officer in the course of his investigation, a police report said.

According to the police account, that prompted Pouyan Bokaei, 33, of Maryland, to try to free Mathieson from arrest. The officer let go of the woman as he tried to arrest Bokaei, according to the police account.

Mathieson then reportedly jumped on the officer's back, police said.

More police arrived, and while Mathieson and Bokaei were being arrested, three others jumped into the fray to free the first two, police said. They were identified as Jacqueline Sanchez, 26, of Los Angeles, Jessica Rey, 25, of Menifee, and Salvador Chavez, 24, of Los Angeles.

Lefty sites are filled with calls to protest and free them, making it clear what their political affiliation is. On social media, these calls are accompanied by hashtags such as ‪#‎noborders‬ ‪and #‎humanitynotnationality‬. Anti-amnesty social media claimed that the amnesty protester had assaulted an elderly woman, presumably one of the Murrieta US protesters.

The media continues characterizing American protesters in Murrieta as xenophobic, but refuses to address the identities and agendas of the pro-amnesty protesters who appear to be linked to radical left-wing groups, including Occupy movements and various anarchists.