ISIS: Killing Shiites More Important Than Killing Jews

Even if Bagdadi never makes it to Jerusalem, he can always claim he flew there on a flying horse

For Islamic terrorists it's all about priorities. Do you shoot the Christians first or the Jews? Do you kill the woman with a 9th grade education or the 12th grade education? Do you burn a library or a museum?

The Islamic State's Caliph has rendered his verdict of priorities. First kill the Shiites. Then any of the Gulfies who don't give him money.

And then kill the Jews.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), which is now known as the “Islamic State” after declaring an Islamic caliphate, says it won’t fight Israel – for the time being.

According to Israel’s Channel 2 News, an ISIS spokesman said Monday on Twitter, in response to questions about the organization’s intentions with regards to Israel, that ISIS first has to deal with “Muslims who have become infidels”.

“The greatest answer to this question is in the Qur’an, where Allah speaks about the nearby enemy – those Muslims who have become infidels – as they are more dangerous than those which were already infidels,” the spokesman tweeted, according to Channel 2 News.

“Jerusalem will not be freed until we get rid of the idolaters, such as the wealthy families and the players appointed by the colonial government and who control the fate of the Islamic world,” he was quoted as having said.

For Iran, this will be proof that Al Qaeda really is a Zionist conspiracy. I mean it's only planning to kill the Jews third. That clearly means the Jews are behind it.

Since the shiny new ISIS Caliphate believes that everyone except it are infidels, it can't be expected to prioritize the infidels in Jerusalem over all the other infidels everywhere else. This is a bold new non-discriminatory policy that all Muslims ought to adapt.

Why single out killing Jews, when you can spend your time shooting at other Sunni and Shiite Islamic militias while looting luxury watches from the corpses of wealthy families.

It's not like Mohammed headed for Jerusalem as soon as he found a donkey that could tolerate his presence.

Instead he spent a lot of time killing and robbing locals, including Jews, and then his followers had to make up a story about him flying on a flying horse to Jerusalem, so they could displace the indigenous Jewish inhabitants.

Even if Bagdadi never makes it to Jerusalem, he can always claim he flew there on a flying horse and then flew away before the IDF could shoot his My Little Jihadist Pony down.

(And yes the flying horse had a woman's head, for some creepy Islamic reason.)

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