Obama Wants $4.3 Billion from Congress for his Border Crisis

$1.8 billion, would go to HHS to provide appropriate care for the illegal aliens


Obama sprang into action to cope with his DREAM Amnesty fallout by promising to hold some sort of roundtable with religious leaders, who will urge that the illegal migrants be taken in and cared for. Perry is being foolish by participating in it since the whole thing is bound to be a propaganda opportunity.

Also he's asking for money. Most of this money is not even going to border security. Here's the formal breakdown of the request.

The White House asked the U.S. Congress for $3.7 billion in emergency spending on Tuesday to address a cross-border surge of children from Central America that is taxing public resources and causing a political headache for President Barack Obama.

It was Obama's most substantive response to date as he struggles to gain control of a humanitarian crisis along the Texas border with Mexico.

The Chicago Tribune's idea of a substantive response is to ask for money.

White House officials who briefed reporters said the largest portion, $1.8 billion, would go to the U.S. Health and Human Services Department to provide appropriate care for the children while in U.S. custody.

So that's straightforward promotion of illegal migration. If Congress agrees to this, they're idiots. Providing funding will encourage more of the same. At least this way there's a backlash.

The only thing that might stop Obama's unilateral rollout is if if the whole thing looks as ugly as it does now.

Without this money, "HHS will be unable to address the influx of children by securing sufficient shelter capacity with the number of children held at Border Patrol stations continuing to increase, for longer periods of time," the White House said.

HHS doesn't need to address it. The children are foreign illegals routinely traveling with their parents. There's no reason to admit them or move them around the country.

And spare me the Bush law material. Obama unilaterally implemented amnesty. Now he can unilaterally bypass it to deal with the consequences.

Another $1.1 billion would go to the U.S. Homeland Security Department to pay for transporting the children, expanding investigations of immigrant smugglers and pay for the detention and removal of undocumented adults traveling with children.

Not to mention a down payment on the Brooklyn Bridge.

I'm sure the money will go to transporting the families around. I don't believe for a moment that it will be used to deport or investigate.

In addition, $433 million would go toward stepping up border enforcement, including an increase in air surveillance. The U.S. Justice Department would receive $64 million to hire about 40 additional immigration judges to reduce the backlog of cases that is slowing the process of deportation.

Why do I have a feeling those judges will be extremely well disposed toward illegal aliens and the air surveillance will just enable the border patrol to pick up and transport illegal aliens into the country faster?

And should I even ask why it costs $64 million to hire 40 judges?

Finally, $300 million would go to the State Department to pay for repatriating and reintegrating migrants back into their home countries and "help the governments in the region better control their borders," the White House said.

Foreign aid, which will send the message that if they send their people here, we'll pay them money.

The official gave few details of how quickly the "removal" hearings would proceed, but the White House asked Congress on Tuesday for $45 million to hire 40 judges to address backlogs in courts that mean deportation hearings often take more than 18 months.

Wait... maybe the judges have decided to work for less.