Obama Fanboy and 2 Leftist Actors to Make Movie About Dan Rather's Time Traveling Computer

And yes, it was all Bush's fault.



Dan Rather and Mary Mapes had a great story about the time George W. Bush illegitimately got into the Texas Air National Guard. There was only one problem. Their damning letter was written with a copy of Microsoft Word which didn't exist back then.

So their letter proved to be as real as Robert Redford's hair color.

Rather refused to retract the story, then retracted it, then unretracted it, and hangs around Cuban's network pretending to be a journalist while insisting that a time traveling computer was to  blame.

Now the exciting story of that time traveling computer is coming to a theater near you (probably not).

Directed by James Vanderbilt of the Vanderbilt clan, responsible for those two new Spider Man movies you hated, and White House Down, an Obama fanboy flick about Obama killing Republicans, and starring the still mostly-alive Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett, the movie will adapt producer Mary Mapes' ridiculous self-serving time-traveling computer memoir "Truth and Duty".

And yes, it was all Bush's fault.

The media coverage of Truth, true to form, avoids mentioning the whole Microsoft Word problem and just mentions offhand that the documents were alleged to be forgeries. (The only way it could be an allegation is if there was a time traveling computer with a copy of Microsoft Word.)

Mapes' book is an unintentionally hilarious read.

"There had been anything like it, a mobilization of right-wing internet users... they would use their numbers, their volume and their sheer insistence to rip at a respected anchor/reporter, a news program and a network," the elitist Mapes writes, outraged that ordinary people could dare challenge her.

"Their partisan claims, unsubstantiated as they were to any observer who clung to objecitivty, were stated and restated incessantly as absolute, unshakeable facts," Mapes writes of the conservative bloggers who took her and Rather down.

Mapes misses the irony that this is exactly what her media does.

One of those bloggers, Charles Johnson, has gone to the left and spends his time ranting about Sarah Palin. But even he hasn't backed away from the document scam.

"The reputations we had worked so hard to build were trashed repeatedly by bloggers who sat in the dark and signed off on angry missives," Mary Mapes whined.

But the liberal elites take care of their own and Mapes is getting a belated bailout while Rather is getting his reputation rehabbed. All it will take is a few liberal investors willing to subsidize this propaganda flick.

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