Obama May Let Assad Keep his WMDs

If you like your WMDs, you can keep your WMDs.

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Obama is a really generous guy. Not if you're an American, but if you're an illegal alien or a foreign dictator, he'll give you the shirt off someone else's back. Or let you keep your WMDs.

Americans were told that if they liked their doctors, they could keep their doctors. But while it wasn't true for them, it might be true for the Syrian dictator and his chemical weapons.

If you like your WMDs, you can keep your WMDs.

Syria’s regime may be able to retain parts of its shuttered chemical-arms factories under “compromise” terms devised by a global watchdog agency.

The United States could endorse the concept in order to finalize a plan this week for dealing with the dozen contested sites, even though doing so would require making “serious” concessions to President Bashar Assad’s government, said Robert Mikulak, Washington’s envoy to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

“We are not, however, prepared to go further or engage in further haggling,” Mikulak told the agency’s 41-nation governing board on Tuesday.

Good news.

Obama is prepared to make serious concessions to Assad that will let him keep parts of his WMD production facilities... but no further.

That's it Bashar, Barack has given you all the WMDs he can.

“From the start, Syria has engaged in a concerted effort to retain these 12 former chemical weapons production facilities,” Mikulak said. “If Syria rejects this compromise proposal and continues its intransigence, there must be consequences.”

As Kerry has said, unbelievably small consequences.#SmartPower