Muslim Sues Latino Caucus for Not Giving Her Latino Scholarship

Is it Islamophobia? Do you even have to ask?


Is it Islamophobia? Do you even have to ask? Everything is Islamophobia.

A Muslim student with a Muslim father and Latino mother is suing the Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus Foundation (ILLCF) for not giving her a scholarship even though she was a mediocre student and was accused of faking a letter of recommendation.

So Islamophobia, obviously.

Elusta says she attended college at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) from 2011 to 2014, and was scheduled to graduate in three years with a 3.32 grade point average.

I don't even understand what that means. How could she know her grade point average in 3 years? And since when does 3.32 net you a scholarship?

Anyway she claims that the head of ILLCF told her to meet him for drinks. Which she refused. So she told her Muslim father on him and that led to a loss of funding.

"In December 2013, plaintiff complaint to Mr. Jesse Ruiz, the ILLCF attorney, regarding Mr. Gonzalez's conduct. She stated that she is a Muslim and cannot go out drinking and have sexual relations with men. Mr. Ruiz then told her that Muslims are not allowed to apply for his scholarship because it is only for Hispanics; then plaintiff informed him that her mother is Hispanic; plaintiff did not receive the scholarship."

Elusta, like most children of Muslim men, clearly identifies as Muslim, not Hispanic. But like a lot of Muslim settlers in the US, finds it useful to use minority protective coloration when convenient.

Did this even happen. Who knows... because...

Several months later, Ruiz allegedly received an email accusing her of falsifying a letter of recommendation sent to the School of Nursing at UIC, which Ruiz hoped to attend after earning her undergraduate degree.

"Plaintiff never wrote this letter of recommendation; and she does know the alleged author, Linda Hull, who allegedly had plaintiff as a student in a microbiology class. Plaintiff had obtained the required letter of recommendation from one of her professors," Elusta says.

"Plaintiff had planned to attend graduate school immediately after graduation; and then work as a teacher.

"ILLCF's breach of contract has caused severe pain and suffering, including constant anxiety, inability to sleep or eat, constant crying, and a lack of desire to socialize," according to the complaint.

The last names seem to be a bit confused here, but the relevant allegation involves the fake letter of recommendation. If it was fake then the Islamophobia allegations are a petty distraction.