Who's Ready for a 3rd Hillary Clinton Book?

It would take a complete egomaniac to try for a third memoir.

Image: Clinton Signs Copies of Hard Choices in Virginia

Hillary Clinton's second book bombed. Readers didn't find it a hard choice not to buy this ghostwritten tome. So, if you believe Edward Klein, Hillary wants to write a new book.

Klein, whose Blood Feud knocked Hillary's Hard Choices off the top of the New York Times bestseller list, may just really be trolling her at this point. Or he's auditioning for the job. But he really writes Bill better than he writes Hillary.

According to one of Bill’s closest advisers, the former president has been furious over the clumsy rollout of Hard Choices. He didn’t much care for the book in the first place and barely skimmed over it. But he had no idea that it was going to be such an embarrassment and a sales failure.

“Bill blames himself for not getting involved in the way the book was put together by a committee and how it was publicized,” this source said.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, Bill called Hillary, who was in London doing interviews with the BBC and [the left-wing British newspaper] The Guardian, and tried to buck up her spirits.

“He told her that he had a solution to their problem,” this source continued. “He said that the Clinton brand, as he likes to call it, had been smudged by the rollout of her memoir, but that the problem was fixable. He said that Hillary needed to sit down and write an entirely new book — a campaign book in her own hand and in her own voice. She should bare her soul. If the book is really honest, it will be a game changer and she will be seen as the comeback kid.

Assuming this is true, how many memoirs does anyone need? Obama got away with two and he was on the obscure side when the first one came out.

Hillary can't write about her childhood in Indonesia, well she can but that might be a lie too far even for her. So it's going to be yet another memoir talking about the same stuff that the previous two memoirs talked about? What's the target demographic for this? David Brock?

If you're a novelist and your second book bombs, as they often do, you can be a comeback kid by writing a third one. If you're a politician, you ought to really stop at the first memoir.

One memoir is enough for most war heroes and presidents. Hillary is a former senator and Secretary of State with the hubris to put out two. Now that the second one bombed, it's really time to stop. If she does put out a third book, it's likely to be policy based. Gore owns the environment. But Hillary's advisers will find an issue that they want her to own. Maybe health care again. Or families.

But it would take a complete egomaniac to try for a third memoir.  Unfortunately the Clintons are complete egomaniacs.