How Can Justin Amash be the "Conservative" Candidate if he Supports Illegal Alien Amnesty?

True conservatives don't support amnesty.


Justin Amash's "conservative" credentials largely depend on denouncing drone strikes and the NSA. Some bloggers are touting him as the "conservative" choice against Brian Ellis in the primary.

I'm not sure how you can be the conservative choice if you support amnesty for illegal aliens.

Immigration reform must include both a secured border and a path to legal status for immigrants illegally residing in the United States, Rep. Justin Amash told a crowd of young conservative activists during a Q-and-A session at the Leadership Institute Wednesday morning.

This view isn't unusual. Amash is part of the Paul gang and they tend to be open borders. I haven't seen Ellis' view on amnesty, but considering that Amash supports it, it takes some heavy rose-colored glasses to paint Amash as the true conservative running against a RINO.

True conservatives don't support amnesty. Amnesty is the epitome of a RINO political position.

It's possible that there are no conservative Republicans in this race, but it's insulting to paint someone who supports amnesty as a genuine conservative.

Either we get serious about principles or we'll keep playing the same old games.