"How's Your Day?": Kerry to Mother of American Killed Fighting Hamas

It's not just a walking embarrassment. It's also the Secretary of State.


It's not just a walking embarrassment. It's also the Secretary of State.

Taking a break in Jerusalem today from his attempt to broker a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel, Secretary of State John Kerry visited with the parents of Max Steinberg, a 24-year-old Los Angeles native and IDF soldier who was killed in action in Gaza.

According to the Los Angeles Jewish Journal, “Kerry entered and exited the room swiftly, surrounded by men in black and refusing to take any questions from press.”

“How’s your day?” Kerry asked as he sat down. “How’s your day?” Evie [Steinberg's mother] asked back. “My day’s going better than yours,” he said.

It could have been worse. Here's how Joe Biden would have handled it.

Charles Woods, the father of former Navy Seal Tyrone Woods who was killed in the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, said when his son’s body came home, Vice President Joe Biden asked him, “Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?”

In Biden's defense, he seems to be drunk most of the time. Kerry doesn't have that excuse. He's just an idiot.

Looking at the photo above, it's easy to see why Bush beat Kerry. Kerry wrangled the job of a top diplomat, but he has no ability to actually relate to other people. Egomaniacs rarely do. The high functioning types like Obama can fake it with a rapid charm routine that's still all about them, but Kerry can't even do that. If he could, he might be a little better at his job.