80% Off: Price of Lobbying Obama Cut to $5K

Hillary is picking up the huge piles of money now.


Hey bargain hunters. Do you happen to own a wind or solar company? Maybe you help design environmentally friendly doorknobs. Or run a health care company?

The economy is tough on everyone and you wish you could lobby Obama, but you just can't afford to drop $25K to listen to him talk about the books he pretended to read? How about a $5K all-inclusive package. You pay $5K and maybe your company will get a line in Obama's next budget or a nice little DOE grant. Or just a little tweak in the ObamaCare regs?

How can you pass this up?

There was no listed price for tickets for Obama’s morning appearance at a roundtable in San Francisco for the House Majority PAC – the type of intimate gathering for which admission is usually $32,400 per person, the legal maximum. Some donors said tickets had been offered for a deep discount.

Democratic donors who were invited to the San Francisco event, at the Four Seasons Hotel on Market Street, said they had initially been asked to donate as much as $25,000 to sit down with Obama. One who balked at the price said organizers had offered a cut-rate deal of as little as $5,000.

While this is being put down to donor fatigue, the practical angle is that Obama is a lame duck and sees likely to lose the Senate.

Once that happens, his dollar and cents value to his backers (and despite their leftism, they are in it for the money, just ask Warren Buffett, Tom Steyer or George Soros) drops through the floor.

That's why Hillary is picking up the huge piles of money now.

A Chinese businessman paid $500,000 to have dinner with Bill and Hillary Clinton. But when he asked if his kids could join, the former first couple demanded another half-million

Nobody is paying $500K for dinner with Obama. They're paying $5K. That's 1 percent.

Donors are trying to get in on Clintonworld and hoping for two terms of glorious theft, just like they got with Obama. Hillary is the exciting new corrupt thing and Obama is the corrupt old thing.

Obama friendly merchandise has seen a decrease in sales but new products taunting him are coming on the market and are hot sellers in Washington DC.