Islamic Party Leader: Malaysian Plane Shot Down By Russia Because of Indecent Clothing of Flight Attendants

Their hair is uncovered. So are their faces.


Do you know why Putin's people shot down MH-17? Apparently it's because of the outfits of these women. (via Religion of Peace)

The youth leader of a Malaysian opposition party has claimed the MH17 tragedy was God punishing Malaysia Airlines for serving alcohol on its flights and its “indecent” dress code.

Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman, the youth information chief of the opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), said the serving of alcohol, which is prohibited under Islam, and the dress code of Malaysia Airlines flight attendants' “cross the boundaries of Islam.”

As you can see the boundaries of Islam when it comes to clothing are fairly narrow. Their hair is uncovered. So are their faces. And they aren't being accompanied by a male relative.

So obviously the boundaries of Islam have been crossed and Putin stepped in and shot down the plane in the name of Allah.

“If the government wishes to introspect and to garner the blessings of Allah, what is wrong in conducting a study on the percentage of passengers who would not fly MAS if alcohol is not served and its flight attendants observe Muslim dress code?,” he said.

But why stop there?

Mohammed didn't fly planes. He had a flying horse with the head of a woman (no, really) so why not sell all the planes and wait for Buraq to fly passengers to Singapore.

It's the true Islamic way. (Buraq has to wear a Burqa however and refrain from drinking whiskey.)

The only Islamic way to fly The only Islamic way to fly