The Kerry Ceasefire Rewards Hamas for its Aggression

Rewarding violence only perpetuates it


Setting aside the discussion of the individual details of the proposals, the fundamental problem with the Qatar/Kerry ceasefire proposal is that Hamas comes out of it with advantages that it did not have before the war.

A ceasefire that rewards a terrorist group for starting a conflict will only guarantee more of the same.

Rewarding Hamas for its aggression doesn't mean an end to the violence. It means that every time Hamas wants something, it knows that a war is a good way of getting it.

That's the message that Obama and Kerry seem determined to send to Hamas.

There's nothing peaceful about rewarding violence. That's been the root cause of all this since Oslo. If you give in to terrorism, you get more terrorism. If you reward terrorists with goodies, you've trained them to shoot you like a pinata so the goodies come out.

The larger message here goes beyond Hamas. It once again reinforces the message in the Middle East that America is weak and that terrorism works.