Hamas Finds New Way to be Evil, Allies with North Korea

“North Korea is an obvious place to seek supplies."


Hamas is trying to innovate. Whether it's long range missiles or tunnels, it keeps trying to remain on the cutting edge of evil. And where better to go to the cutting edge of evil than... North Korea.

Hamas terrorists are attempting to negotiate a new arms deal with North Korea for missiles and communications equipment that will allow them to maintain their offensive against Israel, according to Western security sources.

Security officials say the deal between Hamas and North Korea is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and is being handled by a Lebanese-based trading company with close ties to the militant Palestinian organisation based in east Beirut.

Hamas officials are believed to have already made an initial cash down payment to secure the deal, and are now hoping that North Korea will soon begin shipping extra supplies of weapons to Gaza.

“Hamas is looking for ways to replenish its stocks of missiles because of the large numbers it has fired at Israel in recent weeks,” explained a security official. “North Korea is an obvious place to seek supplies because Pyongyang already has close ties with a number of militant Islamist groups in the Middle East.”

Also North Korea will give Hamas stuff that Qatar and Iran won't. Iran and Qatar are using Hamas in their own power plays, but North Korea doesn't care. It will sell Hamas anything it wants if it can produce the cash.

And speaking of a terrorist group that suddenly came into a lot of money and probably has quite a shopping list... ISIS.

But nothing to worry about. Obama and Kerry will just pressure Israel into surrendering again while they go on ignoring ISIS until it finally picks up that nuke it always had its eye on.