Kerry Was Against Qatar Funding Hamas, Before He Was For It

Qatar became infamous for smuggling weapons to Jihadists in Libya and Syria


Can we at least hope that Qatar hasn't gotten around to putting the Stinger missiles it wasn't supposed to have in Hamas' hands? And isn't this entire Qatari push to open up Gaza a good way of getting weapons into the hands of Hamas?

Qatar became infamous for smuggling weapons to Jihadists in Libya and Syria with the complicity of Obama. Some of those weapons fell into the hands of the Taliban.

And now the terror state would love nothing more than to arm Hamas. With Obama's complicity. Again.

The US has rejected Israeli criticism directed at Secretary of State John Kerry and his efforts to achieve a lasting ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

Asked how the photo-op with the Qataris and Turks helps the US optics,  the senior US official said., “It’s a relationship-building game.”

The US does not approve of Qatar providing money to Hamas, but believes that this gives the Doha government leverage and the US needs a way to reach Hamas.

According to the US administration an “enduring” or “sustained” agreement means that Hamas would get a lifting of border restrictions and it would address Israel’s security concerns.

Address is synonymous with ignore.

So Hamas will get rewarded for shelling Tel Aviv and murdering three Israeli boys. Meanwhile Obama, Kerry and the rest of the team absolutely oppose Qatar arming terrorists and yet keep letting Qatar use them as hand puppets.

We saw it with Qatar and the Taliban. Now we're seeing it with Qatar and Hamas.

It's bad enough that previous administrations outsourced their foreign policy to Saudi Arabia. Obama is outsourcing it to Qatar.

Meanwhile Egypt and the PLO aren't too happy about Kerry's romance with Qatar.

Palestinian officials in Ramallah on Sunday launched scathing attacks on US Secretary of State John Kerry and accused him of working to appease Qatar and Turkey at the expense of Egypt and the Palestinian Authority.

Walid Assaf, a former PA minister, pointed out that “this was the first meeting to discuss a Palestinian issue without Palestinian participation.”

Qatar has become the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, Assaf said with a tone of sarcasm.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction said in a statement: “Those who want Qatar or Turkey to represent them should leave and go live there.”

Laura Rozen was shrieking on Twitter, while waving around a Qatari document from Al Jazeera, that Israel was lying about Kerry. Now the PLO has the same point of view.

It's unfortunate that American foreign policy and chunks of the media are being held hostage by the Qatari state sponsors of terror.