Hamas' Homicidal Chicken Dies in Israeli Air Strike

A giant chicken learned a lesson about telling little kids to die for Hamas.


Hamas's Al Aqsa TV is the sort of thing you expect a serial killer to put on in his basement.

Including its children's programming. Especially Tomorrow's Pioneers which features adults dressed as giant cartoon animals telling little kids to kill people.

Its version of Mickey Mouse teaches kids to kill people. Its version of Bugs Bunny teaches kids to kill Jews... and hate the Danes.  And before that there was a giant bumblebee who encouraged little kids to shoot Jews.

The show promoted suicide bombings to young children because when you're being evil... why stop halfway?

Most of the costumed cartoon characters were killed off... by the Jews. But not before telling the kiddies to avenge their deaths.

Now it happened for real as the show's chicken, Karkour, died, supposedly in an Israeli air strike.

According to his brother, who wrote an article for Electronic Intifada, Mohammed Alareer, who played a giant chicken, was the 26th member of the family to die in Israeli attacks. That tells us that this is, unsurprisingly, a Hamas clan.

"The death of my brother will come as a shock to the large numbers of children," his brother wrote.

I doubt it.

Considering how often Al Aqsa kills off its crazy homicidal costumed characters, it would be more surprising to the kiddies if he didn't get blown up at some point.

I'm sure they'll just replace him with a giant skunk who will tell the kids to blow themselves up for Hamas. Meanwhile a giant chicken learned a lesson about telling little kids to die for Hamas.

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