Party of the Poor: Obama and Hillary Both Head to Martha's Vineyard

Income inequality! We are the 99%


Income inequality! We are the 99%! Republicans only care about the rich. Us? We're liberals. We care about even the poorest millionaires at Martha's Vineyard.

It’s not a huge island, but there’s always room for a lot of big names on Martha’s Vineyard.

Two weeks from now, two of the very biggest names in Democratic politics — President Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton — are set to be there at the same time.

Hillary is trying to get someone, anyone to buy copies of her terrible ghostwritten bio Hard Choices.

And Obama will be, what else, on vacation. A two week vacation this time because the emperor is just working too hard. I just hope he'll have time to get in some golfing before he has to go back and violate the Constitution a dozen times before breakfast.