Hillary Clinton Approved Bill Clinton's Paydays from Enemies of the US

It must be nice when you can mediate your own family's conflicts of interest.


It must be nice when you can mediate your own family's conflicts of interest. That's the position that Hillary Clinton and her cronies found themselves in as Secretary of State.

State Department legal advisers, serving as "designated agency ethics officials," approved Bill Clinton's speeches in China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Panama, Turkey, Taiwan, India, the Cayman Islands and other countries.

The memos approving Mr. Clinton's speeches were routinely copied to Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton's senior counsel and chief of staff.

Mills is a longtime Clinton troubleshooter who defended the president during his impeachment.

In a December 2008 memorandum of understanding, the protocols were expanded to Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and related initiatives — specifically, to reviewing Bill Clinton's proposed speeches and consulting deals.

In an accompanying letter to the State Department legal adviser, Clinton lawyer David Kendall noted that Bill Clinton would disclose proposed consulting deals and, for speeches, provide "the identities of the host(s) (the entity that pay the speaker's fee)" so that the State Department "in consultation with the White House as appropriate, may conduct a review for any real or apparent conflicts of interest with the duties of the Secretary of State."

And the Clintons are all about ethics, so her own people approved any conflicts of interest, which is a huge conflict of interest.

But this is what Dems seem to think we need 8 more years of. Greedy grubby Clintons stuffing their pockets with all the money that they can get anywhere and from anyone.

In Panama, Bill Clinton earned $325,000 for one speech. And in the Cayman Islands — a notorious offshore money haven — $225,000 for a speech, noted a State Department document, "at a ticketed event that will target the business community in Grand Cayman."

Anyone else wondering if the Clintons have themselves a nice little nest egg in the Caymans?