Americans Hate ObamaCare More Than Ever

Fifty-three percent now see ObamaCare negatively


Even while the media is frantically reassuring everyone in sight that ObamaCare is doing really great, the public now hates it more than ever.

Fifty-three percent now see ObamaCare negatively compared with 45 percent last month, according to a monthly tracking poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The marked change appears to be among people who previously did not have an opinion of ObamaCare or refused to express it who now see the law unfavorably.

Just 37 percent expressed a positive view of the reform in July, down two points from last month, according to the Kaiser poll.

The media keeps looking for the silver lining in these numbers and there isn't one. People have tried ObamaCare and they don't like it.

It may be the rising premiums, the worthless fake-affordable policies that no one can afford to use or the broken website, which despite spin, is still broken on the back end.

The bad news is that the majority still favors improvement. The logjam is primarily among independent voters. Democrats are solidly pro. About a third of Republicans favor improving rather than repealing. But a majority of independent voters want improvement over repeal.

So the challenge will be in convincing the remainder of Republicans and a whole bunch of independent voters that ObamaCare is unfixable.

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