Kerry's Ceasefire Leads to Hamas Attack, Kidnapping of Israeli Soldier

A suicide bomber detonated himself directly next to IDF forces


Hamas doesn't do ceasefires. Five times wasn't enough to prove the point to Kerry. So Hamas used the latest ceasefire as a ruse to launch an attack, kill Israeli soldiers and possibly kidnap one soldier.

Heavy fighting broke out on the outskirts of Rafah shortly after the UN and US-brokered "humanitarian ceasefire" went into effect, after a group of terrorists allegedly emerged from a tunnel and began opening heavy fire at IDF forces stationed there.

At least one report, this time from Walla! News, says that a suicide bomber detonated himself directly next to IDF forces before the fighting began, wounding several soldiers.

Intense clashes ensued; according to Palestinian media sources, thirty people were killed, at least eight terrorists among them - though the number is likely to be higher, as Palestinian sources regularly report terrorist deaths as civilians. Roughly 100 others were wounded, according to reports.

So we're right back to where we started. Israeli politicians are urging an end to the torrent of pointless ceasefires. The media apologists will kick into gear to Voxplain that Israel's tunnel destructions led to this attack and that the Jewish State, as always, is to blame.

More human shields will die because of Hamas. And Kerry will get back to pushing a ceasefire.