BDS Pro-Hamas Marchers Invade Jewish Area, Face Instant Counterprotest

Middle Eastern Jews who escaped Islamic Supremacism are not going to respond well to BDS.

The Hamas supporters of NYC2GAZA had been making a nuisance of themselves by harassing individual Jewish businesses, such as a cosmetics store. Then they announced a plan to #BringTheWarHome by harassing Jewish businesses in the Diamond District.

But the combination of left-wing hipsters and angry Muslims were clearly not too familiar with what they were getting into. The businesses around there are working class and have a lot of Israelis, a lot of Middle Eastern Jews and a lot of Chassidic Jews.

Those are three groups of people that aren't likely to take the Goebbelsian tactics of NYC2GAZA and BDS lying down.

Danielle Avel reports and shows us what happened next.

Amidst the raucous shouts of “Free, free Palestine!” a different call emerged. A pro-Israel crowd appeared, clapping and chanting “Is-ra-el, Is-ra-el!” Some business owners closed their stores to join, supporters flooded the sidewalk, and the street filled with chants celebrating Israel. The “Free Palestine” zealots looked dazed and confused, their voices out of unison, a couple of stray “Allahu Akbars” honked out as a last resort.

As Zionists filled the street, they called out “Ha-mas ter-ror-ists!” A full-throated celebration of the Israel Defense Forces then broke out with an “I-D-F!” chant. The spontaneous display of pride in Israel ended with the crowd of now hundreds singing songs celebrating Israel.

So, anti-Israel fanatics started the day with a vitriolic “direct action” to disrupt Jewish-owned businesses. But they inadvertently inspired a memorable, moving, and spontaneous display of celebration of the Middle East’s only true democracy.

This turned out to be a bit of an educational experience for NYC2GAZA which forgot that this part of Manhattan is also layered with little ethnic enclaves like Koreatown and Little Brazil. Around there, there are a whole lot of Middle Eastern Jews who escaped Islamic Supremacism with the clothes on their backs.

They're not going to respond well to BDS.

NYC2GAZA, the hate group in question, appears to be linking itself to Occupy Wall Street while organizing its hate events out of the Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew, 520 Clinton Avenue in Brooklyn. That's an Episcopal church that was also being used by OWS.

It's unfortunate that Michael Sniffen, the rector of the Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew is allowing it to be used to stage the harassment of Jewish businesses.

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