Algerian Muslims Send Death Threats to Black Catholic Rapper b/c of Jewish Grandfather

Remember, it's anti-Zionism... not anti-Semitism.


Sean Paul, based on a glance at his Wiki page, appears to be part Afro-Carribean, Chinese and English. He also had a Jewish grandfather and was raised Catholic.

Algerians have zeroed in on the Jewish part of that mixture. It's another win for BDS.

 Algerians have started a Facebook campaign to cancel a planned August 22 concert by Jamaican rapper Sean Paul.

The reason? Because his paternal grandfather was Jewish.

One of the activists wrote, "Does it make sense to think of greeting a singer with Jewish origins in Algeria after all the massacres committed by the Israelis in Palestine our brothers?"

Remember, it's anti-Zionism... not anti-Semitism. That's why they're going after a guy with a Jewish grandfather.

The comments on his Facebook page run the gamut from ugly to really ugly.

Selmani Rachid If you come in Algeria (dirty pig), you do not come out well

Salah Bendaira go home jewice

Sarah Abd You are not welcome in Algiers zionist pig. We do not negotiate with terrorists. Israel is a terrorist state!!

Nazim Keiji D'ont come to algeria if you don't want to die

Khazandar Khazandar Mustapha hi sean paul i from algeria and i like you butt do not comme and i fallow you seans 2005 to 2014 butt i wasant know that you are jewesh so by muslim if you wanit and comme with my respect god bey

Abderhman Kharwaydo Luxe fuk you fuk you paul not welcome in algeria if you come i will kill you fuk you free #ghaza

Hassen Dandy i heard that you're jew Paul is that right ?

Imene Boudjema you support the Zionist genocide of children GAZA?? careful not to set foot in Algeria you are a death sursi

Ìslãm Bììka We will kill you in Algiers

Nazim Keiji fuck you don't come to algeria we don't jews walk in our country

Muslim Supremacism. It's an ugly and bigoted thing.