ISIS Mortars Wound Two Christian Children Near Baghdad, World Silent

Obama appears unconcerned.


While the media can't get enough of Hamaswood photos of dead children, the genocide of the Yazidis and this atrocity against two Iraqi Christian children in an ISIS mortar attack in a town near Baghdad last month appears to have gone unreported. (via Ankawa)

A woman died and two children were injured by shrapnel from a mortar that landed near one of the residential houses in the neighborhood.

Sources say that two children, David Adib Elias Shamis (5 years) and  Mazen Elias Shamis (9 years) were wounded and transferred to hospitals in Erbil for treatment.

The post mentions ongoing fighting between Kurdish forces and ISIS. The Kurds appear to be receiving no aid from Obama who remains unconcerned about the genocide of non-Sunni Muslims in Iraq.