Iraq Crisis Worsens, Obama Deploys "Super-Serious" Situation Room Photo

You can tell how bad a crisis is based on the staged photos that Obama puts out.

You can tell how bad a crisis is based on the staged photos that Obama's official propaganda photog deploys for action.

On August 2nd, the situation was only mildly severe, so Pete Souza gave us this photo of Obama leaning back in the White House while chatting with Susan Rice and an NSA guy.


But then major newspapers (the kind his donors read) started talking about genocide in Iraq and Obama's inaction. So after signing off on some aid drops, after a whole bunch of non-Muslim Yazidi kids had died of thirst, this photo was deployed for action.

obama serious

The photo was retweeted by White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, who had just gotten through explaining that Obama deals with genocide on a case-by-case basis.

The White House also uploaded it to its Flickr page and it's probably on Instagram and projected above the White House with a laser on the sky.

This situation room photo is serious. It means business. Susan Rice has changed out of her PJs and into her power suit like she's ready to go on morning shows at any minute and blame a YouTube video for the whole thing.

Obama is the only one in focus, and despite having one leg on top of another, has posed looking like he's explaining something to a military man. This indicates that he is serious and in charge.

"I got this. No big deal. We'll drop some food. Then do a hashtag or something."

Good show.

If things get even worse, check out this Souza Ukraine plane crash masterpiece photo.


Podesta just looks like someone ran over his dog. If the whole "Lobbyist Sleazebag" thing doesn't work out, he can do soaps. McDonough just looks confused. As if someone told him that the Koch Brothers are really behind the Center for American Progress. Josh Earnest is practicing his best earnest expression.

Meanwhile Obama is posing as the sort of take charge guy who reads the prepared statements that are prepared for him.

And if things get really, really bad, they'll all crowd by the window to check out ISIS forces attacking the White House.