Joe Biden: "Give Me $5,600 and I’ll Take Your Baby to the Border"

"Your baby’s going to be home free.”


Wait. How did Joe Biden suddenly becomes the most truthful member of Obama Inc?

On Wednesday, in remarks before a group of activists, Biden said the violence in Central America, is “bad, but nothing’s changed.  Nothing’s changed in six months or a year, the neighborhoods are no more violent or less violent.”

Biden argued, “What’s happened is a group of folks got together and decided that there’s a hell of a good way to make money.  You just don’t transfer drugs, give me $5,600 and I’ll take your baby to the border, and your baby’s going to be home free.”

And, “Something has happened beyond the fact that there’s utter despair. That despair existed a year ago and 18 months ago.” In particular, Biden blamed “false information” for the influx of illegal immigrants.

Like the false information that if the DREAMERS come, Obama will let them all stay. It's so false that it's true. It must be accurate, but fake.