ISIS Supporters Attack Reporters w/Bricks... at the Hague

The front line is everywhere.


The new Islamic Sharia No-Go Zone is not all that far from the headquarters of half the organizations of international law in the world.

Here's reporter Frank Verhoef on this exciting new development.

Schilderswijk in The Hague has become a no-go area for journalists.

The counter-demonstrators were loosely positioned by the police and a small group of journalists, including myself, in exactly the same place as in the pro-ISIS demo.

Several journalists were attacked: Telegraph reporter Alexander Bakker and his cameraman had to run for their lives , the camera of a journalist Novum was destroyed and all the journalists present had to watch out for countless flying bricks...

The bricks were thrown at the riot police who wanted to clear the streets, and also at the journalists who were just behind the riot police. With a brick can someone cause permanent injury and even death.

By the end of the demonstration, I fell into conversation with one of the (later arrested by the police) speakers of the pro-ISIS demo of July 24 ... We had an animated discussion about the demonstrators and counter-demonstrators. I was given to understand in no uncertain uncertain terms that I should remain "neutral" as a journalist "otherwise you will incur harm, for example, if I find you somewhere."

One thing has become very clear to me today: Schilderswijk is a no-go area become journalists. Journalists are hampered by fundamentalist democracy-hating Muslims in the exercise of their profession.

Journalists are intimidated, their equipment is destroyed and they are pelted with bricks as they do their work. When I say that reporting in the Schilderswijk traits starts getting to be like reporting in a war zone, then I'm exaggerating a bit, but it's beginning to look like it.

The front line is everywhere.