News Crew Doing Story on App that Warns of Dangerous Neighborhoods, Goes to Dangerous Neighborhood, Gets Robbed

If only there were some sort of app....


The App is SketchFactor, which a bunch of lefty blogs have been denouncing as racist, even though the app never mentions race.

Sites run almost entirely by smug white people, like Gawker, Gothamist and New York Mag, immediately denounced it as a racist app made by smug racist white people.

So a news crew headed into a sketchy neighborhood to report why only racists would want to avoid it... and got robbed.

Typically our crews are reporting on these sorts of incidents, but on Friday our own WUSA9 crew's vehicle was burglarized.

Ironically, the burglary occurred while the crew was working on a story about an app that alerts people of "sketchy" neighborhoods.

The crew had locked their news van on a street in Petworth in Northwest, D.C. while they were out in the neighborhood conducting interviews. When they returned they found the lock had been popped out of the door of their news van, and that the most of the crew's gear had been stolen.

Among the many stolen articles was the gear of photojournalist James Hash, the backpack of reporter Mola Lenghi, and the purse of intern Taylor Bisciotti.

If only there were some sort of app.... that could help you avoid this kind of situation.