Cap and Trade Set to Increase California Gas Prices by 69 Cents

All they had to do was promise some imaginary Green Jobs.


Governor Moonbeam's plan must be to raise the price of gas high enough that light rail finally becomes economical.

Beginning in January, fuel suppliers in California will have to comply with the Cap and Trade program. The 2006 initiative seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the state. And it seems generally expected that the coming change will lead to higher gasoline prices.

Projected increases range from 10 cents to 69 cents a gallon. In San Diego County, where the average price on Friday of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline was $3.894, that would be a significant jump into the $4 or more territory...

Political consultant Mike Madrid said politicians have good reason to be concerned. Voters would likely blame incumbents if gas prices go up, Madrid said.

“If gas prices were to go up 15 cents, you would start to see some political shake out. If it goes up 25, 30, 40 cents? You would see an earthquake," he said.

Would it? The Greens have gotten their way in California so far. All they had to do was promise some imaginary Green Jobs.

Gas prices even affect people who don't pay taxes, but it's not inconceivable that the Democrats would respond with a lower income gas subsidy and pass the cost on to working people.