Jewish Woman Defies George Galloway's "Israel-Free Zone" in the UK

Sad news for Saddam's favorite alcoholic.


Sad news for Saddam's favorite cat-playing alcoholic. His attempt at imposing his own little Sharia Law in Bradford by declaring it an Israel Free Zone fell apart when all the ISIS sympathizers were too busy playing Battlefield 4 to actually enforce it.

George Galloway, the MP for Bradford West, England declared his intention this weekend to make Bradford an “Israel free zone”.

Responding to the call, Muqata Reader Mandy Blumenthal decided that her dual nationality of British and Israeli citizenship would do well to dispel Galloway’s plans.

Mandy writes: “[On] Sunday I decided to be a purist for the day. I took my Israeli passport and flag with me and drove up to Bradford. As you can see my holiday shots with locals some more friendly than others. Everybody seems to have taken my tourist day out personally. It was on Israeli news and it’s all over the UK even George Galloway himself for some reason is not very happy.”

Mandy had apparently joined Rabbi Shneur Zalman Odze, a UKIP candidate and a small group of British Jews.

George Galloway could not be reached for comment.

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