Hamas Imam Wants 2 Million Martyrs

"The Palestinian nation is ready to sacrifice two million martyrs"

Considering that the Gaza population is overestimated at 1.8 million, he's going to be left owing 200,000 martyrs.

This call for self-genocide and crazy anti-Semitism was broadcast on Al-Jazeera because that's the network of Hamas' Qatari bosses.

In a Friday sermon delivered among the ruins of the Al-Sousi Mosque in Gaza on August 8, 2014, the cleric said: "The Palestinian nation is ready to sacrifice two million martyrs." The sermon was broadcast by the Al-Jazeera network.

Unnamed cleric: Oh sons of Judaism, oh sons of slavery [i.e., Arab rulers], no matter how much you kill us, we will not let go of our weapons.

We will not let go of our weapons, even if the number of martyrs exceeds two million, not just 2,000. The Palestinian nation is ready to sacrifice two million martyrs, for the sake of the holiest and most just cause on the face of the Earth. We are ready to sacrifice all the sons of the Palestinian people for this holy cause.


Oh Allah, destroy the Jews. Oh Allah, destroy the Jews, those who support the Jews, those who side with the Jews, cooperate with the Jews, trade with the Jews, or open a gateway for them into the land of Islam.

Peace in the Middle East isn't happening for the same reason that it wasn't happening 600 years ago. This is the same kind of racist rhetoric we have been hearing all the way back to the days of Mohammed.


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